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CEXGSO is now Ahead Computer

  (Released 11/01/2002)

Greensboro, NC - Cowhig & Company, Inc. has announced that The Computer Exchange of Greensboro will be renamed to Ahead Computer.

Important news! You're about to get the same great service you're accustomed to under a new name!

The Computer Exchange of Greensboro, a leader in Personal Computers since 1998, is now changing its name to Ahead Computer to better symbolize our expanding range of capabilities in the rapidly changing world of Technology.

This means you get the same fast, responsive service, and the same dedication to excellence you've come to rely on from The Computer Exchange of Greensboro.

But you also get an enhanced system; one-stop resource with expanded capabilities for meeting your growing requirements.

You'll notice our name change soon on all our mailings, invoices, and promotional materials. It's still the same company, just a new name.

Remember: The Computer Exchange of Greensboro is now Ahead Computer.


David Cowhig
Chairman & CEO
Cowhig & Company, Inc

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